Tennis Training – Developing a World Class Tennis Training Program

While technique, strokes and tennis strategies are an essential part of the game, mental tennis is often the hardest battle inside the human mind. Mental tennis is mostly a battle of our own mind, and players have the choice to condition the mind properly to enhance their technical and physical skills on court when it comes to match play.

Mental Tennis Foundation

Tennis Training relates to the factors associated of mental, physical and technical training. These three main areas of tennis are needed to develop a champion tennis player. In tennis, if one wants to be a tennis champion, then the player must follow the necessary product of tennis training, good coaching and inborn abilities along with the other basic skills like physical, mental, and emotional skills to gain confidence to win the match.

Mental Tennis Training

The mental tennis training is seldom recognized, but one of the most powerful tools needed to succeed in the game of tennis. Mental tennis is the game that plays inside your mind and it can either be used as a great leverage or it can be a liability if not properly trained.

The mental part of the game is a key area of any successful tennis training program. At top junior tennis academies around the world, specific parts of the day is dedicated to mental tennis training. Here, promising young junior players learn about the factors that effect the mind that can either cause them to lose or win a tennis match. Their tennis training program discusses factors such as confidence, key points of the match, visualization, positive self-talk and mental preparation before, during and after the match are just a few examples.

The player should also have mental skills like concentration which plays the key role in tennis. Players must develop control over his or her emotions and thoughts. The player should have full concentration while playing the game while maintaining a positive mood and a “never give up policy” along with courage and self confidence, and motivation.

As in any other part of life, tennis training plays an important role in success. The key to success is adequate preparation. The mental tennis preparation often begins even before the actual tennis match has begun. Players must choose to become a master of their mind or let their mind control them, costing them to lose tennis matches.

Physical Tennis Training

The physical aspect of tennis training has become more popular in modern tennis as the awareness for the need of becoming more fit to gain an advantage in this high paced game. Any elite tennis training program will include a tennis fitness regimen. Today, tennis requires explosiveness, quickness and endurance to be successful at the competitive level. Players are now incorporating fitness training into their tennis training program.

When we talk about the physical tennis training, the player must develop speed, stamina and show their reactions through their racket, coordination and dynamic balance between the body, ball and the racket.

The key of physical tennis training is achieving peak performance.

The physical part of tennis training includes everything from cardiovascular exercises, to weight training for tennis to speed and agility drills. The goal here is to speed up reaction time, while gaining a head start to the tennis ball keeping players ahead of schedule during a rally. Every successful physical training element will include a detailed and specific tennis training program that is designed for the individual player. This is why we see elite tennis players with personalized tennis training coaches helping to design their fitness regimen.

Technical Tennis Training

The technical part of tennis is an essential part of any tennis training program. This relates to the technique, stroke mechanics and strategy of tennis. At top tennis academies in the world, players spend several hours a day performing tennis drills and refining stroke mechanics. The reason for this is planning. Players understand that in order to be successful in matches, they must practice the way they want to play. Often times, elite tennis players have full time coaches that are responsible for their technical development as a player.

The fact is that technique, strategy and stroke mechanics are the backbone of every great tennis player. Without a strong technical foundation, players will lack the execution necessary to improve their tennis.

Tennis is considered to be a sport that is dependent on its proper technique. Incorrect technique will not only hamper the player’s game, but it will leave the player at a risk of injuries and long-term muscle damage. The first priority is to balance practice with competitive match play and master the techniques before he or she puts them into practice. The players must select a coach that is very much involved in coaching the players.

In order to possess the technical skills, the player must develop a solid foundation on the forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead and return. Then the player should have an understanding in applying the tennis strategy and know how to play offense and defense.

The player should know how to play against the different types of opponents like for example aggressive players, baseliners, net rushers and left handers. Not only that, the player should know how to deal with different shots and how to apply it.

Keys of World Class Tennis Training

In order for a player to engage in the best tennis training, they must be willing to step outside of their comfort zone. This often means making changes to correct bad habits in the technique and tennis strokes. The technical aspect of tennis is usually a learning process.

The secret to success for any tennis player undergoing tennis training is developing a individualized plan to go from location A to location B. The reason why goals must be carefully charted is to keep the player on the correct course. A tennis training program sets the benchmarks for the player to follow and offers a clear guideline as to the progress the player has made.

A tennis player is more inclined to follow a carefully planned tennis training program because it solidifies the need to achieve. For tennis players that don’t have the luxury of guidance from an elite tennis training program, they must work to develop their own personalized program based on their individual needs.

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