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We are a competitive tennis club - with our members competing at all levels from local team galas.


TennisInstruction.com strives to be the premier online tennis instruction website in the world...

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TennisInstruction.com was founded by Coach Ed on the premise that all players should have access to elite high performance tennis instruction the way the pros do. As a junior, Coach Ed spent thousands of hours and dollars with different coaches undergoing trial & error in his own game trying to evolve his game into a professional level player. Now as a coach, Ed strives to teach players at all other levels of the game modern techniques that will help them improve their tennis!


Our qualified coaches are always on hand to inspire, encourage and share their passion for the beautiful game.

FOUNDER - TennisInstruction.comCoach Ed

Coach Ed has over a decade of playing and coaching experience at the highest level of the game. As a junior, Coach Ed spent thousands of hours and dollars traveling across the United States as an aspiring professional player with top elite high performance USTA coaches in the USA. As a result, Coach Ed has gleaned a unique perspective on the modern game of tennis allowing him to break down the techniques of the pros like Federer, Nadal & Djokovic to players at all other levels of the game.


HEAD COACHEurico Correia

Coach Eurico Correia is the head tennis coach of the Vale De Lobo tennis academy in Portugal, one of Europe’s leading tennis academies in Portugal. Eurico has decades of experience as an ITF professional player and regularly competes on the ITF senior tour in Portugal. His senior experience in the game of tennis allows him to provide a unique insight as a player and now as a coach. He regularly trains and coaches aspiring professional players in Portugal.


Former WTA tennis player/ D1 College Player USAIVONE ALVARO

Ivone Alvaro is a former WTA professional player with extensive professional touring experience. She has played on the Portuguese national team since she was 11 years old, twice competing at the ITF U18 European Championship. She was a five-time Regional champion and a national doubles finalist at both U14 and U18 and ranked No. 1 nationally for U-18 and earned a national ranking of No. 4 for Over-18 (adult/pro). Ivonne Achieved her first WTA point when she was 15 years old and a career high WTA ranking of 725 when she was 17.


Tom is a fitness guru in his field of coaching tennis players to achieve maximum performance on the tennis court.

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