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Over the years, we've helped over 1,450 players to progress their game. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Former D1 Collegiate Player, USADavid Johansen

Coach Ed’s impact on my tennis game has been extraordinary. Ed’s has a gift of being able to break down the techniques of the top players in a way that makes it easy for players at all other levels to learn and implement. He’s made a tremendous impact on my game.

USTA 3.5 League Player - California, USABrenda Schwartz

As a league player, I stumbled across TennisInstruction.com and I started reading from Coach Ed’s lessons. He’s helped me turn my backhand around completely. I now feel a lot more confident about hitting my backhand! I highly recommend him.

Women's USTA 30's Open Player Kristina Morris

I’ve had the privilege of working with Coach Ed personally. He’s helped me iron out many weaknesses from my game and I feel more comfortable as an all-court player. Last year, I was able to win my first Open tournament in Florida thanks to Ed!

Boy's 18's Florida JuniorTommy Walsh

Coach Ed is the best coach out there is you want to improve your game! He gave me video lessons that opened my eyes on some serious flaws I had in my forehand. I turned my forehand into a weapon thanks to him! Many thanks!

4.5 USTA Tournament PlayerJOSHUA OLDS

TennisInstruction.com is probably one of the best sites out there. I’ve subscribed to many different tennis courses and video lessons online – but Coach Ed’s and Eurico’s lessons definitely tops all of them. Thanks to them, I’m about to bump up into the 5.0 league this spring!


Some quick tips to improve your tennis serve15Dec
Some quick tips to improve your tennis serve
Tip 1: Focus on the ball toss It’s obvious to say it, but a good ball toss is one of the most crucial parts of any serve – without an accurate, good toss your serve is set up to fail. Try to throw the ball to the exact same spot every time, and make sure...
Winter tennis training tips12Dec
Winter tennis training tips
Winter can be a tough time for tennis players. Cold weather, shorter days, and potentially icy or wet courts can make it difficult to keep up with your training, and players can get demoralised quickly. However, with the right mindset and some adjustments to your routine, you can maintain your skills and even improve during...
Keys of the ATP Tennis Forehand Technique – Differentiating World Class Forehand Technique13Jun
Keys of the ATP Tennis Forehand Technique – Differentiating World Class Forehand Technique
The ATP tennis forehand differs significantly from the WTA forehand style on tour. For players attempting to learn the ATP forehand, it is critical to understand the keys of the forehand stroke. The ATP forehand is synonymous of the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. ATP Forehand – Efficiency is Key  By...
Tennis Volley Technique – Understanding the Fundamentals of World Class Tennis Volley Techniques11Jun
Tennis Volley Technique – Understanding the Fundamentals of World Class Tennis Volley Techniques
The tennis volley technique of the pros is distinguished by several unique hallmark “key positions” that are rarely ever taught to club players. As an aspiring professional tennis player, I’ve been able to identify these key positions after studying the top pros in slow motion video. Have you ever wondered how the greats of tennis...

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