Tennis Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Tennis Game

The first of our tennis tips and tricks: practice, practice, practice! This is among the most important of tennis tips and tricks . And practice with an objective; work on a specific technique (more power on your forehand, sharper volleys, variety on your serve, etc.) until mastered then work on another.

In order to make this one of our most effective tennis tips and tricks, make sure to practice with someone more experienced than your self — that is, learn technique from someone who is a better player than you.

While practicing with someone who is a better player than you, remain defensive, hitting high, soft, and down the middle on most shots — and really try to get every ball back in play. Don’t be intimidated by your opponent; keep your mind on your objective.

Tennis Tips and Tricks to Learn from Advanced Players

These tennis tips and tricks can help you learn from advanced players: record professionals playing; then watch them playing in slow motion! Concentrate on the players’ every movement, so you can gain insight into your own game. Even professionals use these tennis tips and tricks , watching recordings of each other!

An alternative tennis tips and tricks is to try teaching tennis to someone less experienced to improve your techniques. You need to really master a technique in order to teach it to someone else. And, you have to communicate the steps involved in that technique; this helps you understand the technique all the more.

Tennis Tricks and Tips for Equipment

Other tennis tips for beginners involve equipment — make sure you have the right gear! Concerning rackets, a 26″ or 27″ is the correct size for an adult. Concerning grip size, hold your racket hand out palm side up, and measure from the crease of the ring finger to the tip of the ring finger; this should be the measurement around your racket handle, generally about four inches in diameter. Follow these two tennis tips — your wrists and elbows will be glad you did!

Protect your feet and ankles by wearing proper tennis shoes — not running shoes or soccer shoes — but shoes with a herringbone tread made to withstand side-to-side movement.

Tennis Serve Tips and Tricks

Now we’ll present more tennis tips and tricks, involving skills, fundamentals, and techniques. Many players have difficulty with their serves. And, if you wish to ever play competitively, you must possess a solid, consistent serve. Here are some tennis tips and tricks that may help.

Are you serving into the net? Perhaps you are making contact with the ball too far in front of yourself. Try tossing the ball less far forward and lean in more just before the swing. Also, if you toss the ball much higher than your point of contact, it will produce a downward vector as it descends toward your racket.

Make certain that you toss the ball no more than three or four inches higher than your point of contact. And finally, put some topspin on the ball when you serve. A hard, flat serve will just barely clear the net, if at all, but a shot with topspin will clear the net with room to spare. Try implementing these tennis tips and tricks; they do work.

Are you hitting your serves hard, but way too long? This is a common problem — and here are some tennis tips and tricks that may help you resolve it. Perhaps you are making contact with the ball too low, thus decreasing the angle from your racket over the net to your target area. Hitting the ball too low also disrupts the upward whipping action that is produced at full extension.

Make contact at full extension. Or, perhaps you’re making contact with the ball too far back. Make certain that you’re not tossing the ball too far back, or that you’re not leaning too far forward before your swing and therefore hitting the ball too far back. Basically, these tennis tips and tricks help you contact the ball more in front of you and assure a lower hit.

Tennis tricks and tips in action

Serve Ball Toss Tennis Tips and Tricks

What if your toss is always “off” and thus your serve is always “off”? Here are several tennis tips that may help. Do not hold the ball in your hand when you toss; hold it in your fingertips. Begin the toss in front of your legs. Toss the ball up and forward toward where you imagine your point of contact.

Do not flick the ball with your wrist as you let go; and, remember to release the ball with your hand at as high a spot as is comfortable, at least as high as your head. If there is a short distance between the release point and the contact point, there is less of a chance that the ball will go off course.

Make certain to toss the ball only as far as the height at which you’ll make contact, or a few inches higher. Higher tosses are more likely to stray, and even when they don’t, they’re more difficult to strike. Finally, reach after the ball with the arm with which you tossed it. These tennis tips should help you keep your toss on target.

Here’s the final bit of advice among the tennis tips for serving. If your opponent appears worn out after a long point, and is still catching his or her breathe, aim your next serve directly at his or her body. An opponent who is out of breathe will often make the return without taking required adjustment steps for returning a body serve.

Aiming the ball at the receiver will often thus result in a weak return that then allows you to hit an aggressive shot back. This is among the easiest of tennis tips to ensure winning an extra point.

Tennis Groundstroke Tips and Tricks

Some players have difficulty with their groundstrokes. Reminder words such as mnemonic devices for tennis may help. When using your forehand, tell yourself “palm forward”; when using your backhand, tell yourself “knuckles forward.” Reminder words will enable you to focus on the correct path for your racket!

More tennis tips and tricks: when you hit the ball, your head should at all times remain above your center of gravity, and your head at all times should stay relatively still. This provides more balance and enables you to more efficiently track the ball and recover for your next stroke. If your head moves away from your center of gravity, or does not remain still as you run toward the ball or as you swing, your strokes will no doubt suffer. Practice these tennis tips until they are ingrained.

Are you having trouble putting a solid topspin on your lobs. The following tennis tips and tricks address the issue. Firstly, set up your lob as you would a regular groundstroke. But immediately prior to contact, increase the speed of the racket head facing up. The ball will quickly travel over your opponent’s head. This is among the tennis tips you should master if you hope to play any competitive tennis.

Have you implemented the above tennis tips, but your strokes are still lacking?

Do you hit the ball late, or lack control, or struggle with placement? Here are more tennis tips that may help. Try adjusting your wrist. If you hold your wrist back as you prepare for shots, you are able to align the strings so that they contact the ball sooner. You’ll thus hit the ball much earlier, the contact point out in front of your body.

Tennis Tips and Tricks for Footwork

Footwork tennis tips

We’ve spent time considering tennis tips to improve your strokes; now consider tennis tips to improve your footwork. You can up your game without even stepping on the court by improving your agility and speed.

Tennis is a fast game full of quick, sudden movements. Train your footwork accordingly. Jogging will give you endurance, but you need to develop your speed. Practice sprinting short distances in various directions — as you would run on the tennis court. Sprint for 15 seconds; rest for 15 seconds; repeat. Incorporate hops and jumps — any movements that will increase your sudden speed. Train your self to run hundreds of short races rather than one long race.

Tennis tips and tricks are merely quality advice. Implement the above tennis tips until they become subconscious, and you’ll find yourself playing on an entire new level.

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