Tennis Techniques – Forehand, Backhand and Serve Techniques

Tennis techniques relate to the swing shape of the forehand, backhand and serve and volleys. Tennis techniques involves the backswing, hitting style, tennis footwork and movement, grips, stances and all the aspects relating to tennis strokes. Only a disciplined approach in tennis instruction will permit a tennis player to maximize their potential on court.

Tennis techniques of pro players

The reason why professional tennis players are able to hit better shots than amateur and club players is simple – Their tennis techniques are more efficient. Differences in tennis techniques is what separates the pros from the lower level players.

At the highest level of tennis; from professional to collegiate tennis, the tennis technique is virtually perfect and the differences among the tennis strokes are small. But often times, this is not so at the club level. The tennis techniques of players at the club level is usually less than ideal and players may have huge flaws in their tennis strokes preventing them from hitting the tennis ball with the same amount of precision the pros do.

Tennis techniques aren’t reserved for the pros

A big misconception is that developing tennis techniques is reserved for professional tennis players. The common thought is that amateur and club players cannot develop good tennis technique. It’s true that professional tennis players spend hours, months and years developing technically sound tennis strokes, but tennis techniques is not reserved for players at the pro level.

The difference is understanding the key elements of tennis techniques, and recognizing these elements that will allow a tennis player to incorporate some of the elements of the fundamental tennis technique into their repertoire. With ample practice time working on tennis strokes, the right tennis techniques may be in fact a element that can propel a tennis player allowing them to hit shots they never could with their old and inefficient tennis strokes. That means that all of the tennis strokes can be improved, the tennis forehand, backhand and serve are the three biggest tennis strokes in the modern game. All three tennis strokes are also incumbent upon having good tennis technique to make these tennis strokes work.

Tennis techniques Explained

The tennis techniques of the pros can be broken down into easy to understand elements. and can be described as powerful, efficient and natural. While the tennis techniques of the pros may vary from one tennis player to the next, there are fundamental components of tennis techniques that they all share.

I’ve spent years in attempts to understand tennis techniques and secrets that few people ever learn in tennis lessons. Most competitive junior tennis players have the privilege of time and money to develop and learn tennis techniques, but maybe you don’t. Tennis techniques are an important part for every tennis player and even small changes in tennis technique can result in big improvements.

Why Learn Tennis Techniques?

It’s simple, elegant and fluid when you have mastered some of the basic key elements shared amongst high level tennis players. Also, you will notice your level of play will increase. You will benefit from increased shot selection, increased power and spin and overall improvement in your entire tennis game. Due to some limitations of tennis techniques, most recreational and club tennis players are unable to fully enjoy the game of tennis. If you can’t sustain long rallies with a consistent shot, or you can’t start out your service games with confidence – your overall enjoyment of the game will be limited.

Fundamentals of Tennis Techniques

So why not take a stand and try to learn some of the key fundamentals of tennis techniques? I promise it’ll be a whole different world opened up to you when you finally grasp the basics of solid tennis technique and are able to incorporate these into your tennis strokes. It starts with a motivated attitude and the desire to learn tennis techniques.

Tennis Forehand Techniques

Roger Federer forehand techniques
Tennis forehand techniques are essential for a player developing the forehand. The tennis forehand techniques involves adapting the key elements of a world class tennis forehand into easy to understand concepts. The technique on the forehand can be complex, but breaking down the tennis forehand into fundamental technique can simplify the tennis stroke.

Tennis techniques has adapted for every new generation of tennis players. Tennis forehand technique has evolved, from old school closed stances, to rotational angular momentum hitting styles.

Tennis Backhand Techniques

Backhand tennis techniques is important to have, as the tennis backhand is the second biggest shot in the groundstroke game. The tennis technique of the backhand must be solid, adaptable and efficient to allow a player to achieve maximum power and spin on this backhand shot. The backhand shot is often weaker for most tennis players, exploiting a key weakness in most players. The tennis backhand is a shot that can linger and worsen if the tennis techniques are not practiced and refined.

Tennis Serve Techniques

The tennis serve is one of the most important shots in tennis. The serve in tennis begins the point. A powerful and accurately placed tennis serve is a lethal combination that can only be achieved with the proper tennis serve techniques. Serve tennis techniques involves modeling critical key movements that technique must be perfected upon to reach maximum levels of power and efficiency.

Keys of Tennis Techniques

1. Tennis Grips

I’m a firm believer that tennis stroke production and overall tennis techniques has a play in tennis grips. We all know that as the game of tennis has evolved, the grips have changed. On the forehand, players are now using semi-western grips rather than the old eastern and continental grips. There are several inherent advantages to these slightly more extreme grips. When you combine modern tennis techniques with a grip closer to semi-western, you’ll notice you can swing harder with less effort and still keep the ball in play.

2. Unit Turn

The unit turn in tennis is one of the most important key aspects of tennis technique. Simply stated, the unit turn is where the body and racket turn sideways together as a “unit” to begin the preparation phase of the tennis stroke, whether its forehand or backhand strokes.

3. Swing Shape

The swing shape is very important as it relates to tennis techniques – this is how you position the racket and arm through the course of the takeback. Most lower level players make the mistake of having excess motion in their takeback, and others have various flaws throughout the takeback which limit their ability to generate power and spin.

4. Lowering and “Drop”

This is probably the least taught AND the most significant. Agassi, Nadal, Safin, Federer – with all of them, if you study their strokes, you will see that as ‘the racket’ head falls, it drops inside towards their legs first. This positions the racket head to facilitate optimum efficiency.

5. Kinetic Chain

The kinetic chain is a scientific term used in tennis technique to describe the linking and unlinking of the body parts. Top pros sync their body to flow with their tennis strokes, utlizing every inch of rotation and time the ball perfectly to their contact.

Learning Tennis Techniques Is a Learning Process

Tennis techniques does not come overnight, and rarely will a tennis player be able to fix their tennis strokes without having many ups and downs. Tennis technique can only come through proper refinement and practice and lots of dedication.

Tennis techniques and how to play tennis with proper tennis technique is not an overnight process, just as with any other good thing in life – it takes time, study and positive practice. The tennis technique is a learning process that must be given time to develop and fully grow.

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