Tennis Serving Drills In Learning How to Improve The Tennis Serve

Tennis players wanting to improve the tennis serve can benefit from practicing tennis serving drills that focus on precise objectives. By practicing tennis serving drills in a non pressure atmosphere, it allows players to first develop the correct technique before entering the arena of a competitive tennis match.

Tennis Serving Drill #1: Topspin tennis serving drill

The objective of this tennis serving drill is to help players add topspin to their serve. This drill needs loads of tennis balls and a racket of course. This is just one of the tennis serving drills that every player should practice. The drill starts with the player standing behind the baseline and beside him is a bucket of balls. To execute this drill, the player does not need to perform the proper leg postures in executing the proper serve.

The aim is to develop more spin on the ball during the serve. Thus the player should practice to hit the ball in an arch manner when serving. The player should also remember to use his arm and wrist to produce the topspin. He can also hit the ball anywhere in the service box or outside. Accuracy tennis serve drills can be done later after the player has master the topspin effect.

Tennis Serving Drill #2: Target serving drill

This is one of the tennis serving drills that help players develop their serve accuracy. This drill can be accomplished even without a partner. All you need is to bring a bucket of balls and your racket. To start the drill, put several pyramid of tennis balls in several points on the other side of the court. Do not forget to put the pyramid of balls on the corners and down the center of the service box. The corners target will help the players to practice deep serve. The down the line target also helps the players to aim for aces on the center. Players should target deeper serve for better results.

The player should try to execute both the first serve and second serve. In this tennis serving drill, players will be able to develop the accuracy of both serves. Because of the speed a player has to put into the first serve, chances are higher that the first serve goes out of the service box. Thus, accurate second serve is a must. The tennis serving drill should also be done both on the deuce and the ad sides of the court.

Tennis Serving Drill #3: Back fence tennis drill

This is one of the tennis serving drills that help players improve the power of their serve. Powerful serve especially in professional tennis often produces a very strong ball bounces that that some may even bounce off the back fence. To start this drill, the players should practice first the proper internal rotation and pronation. These two techniques play a vital role in adding power to their serve. Thus, the objective of this drill is to bounce the ball as far as the back fence.

Tennis Serving Drill #4: Kneel down

This is an additional tennis serve drill to the other tennis serving drills that aim to develop the topspin serve. In addition, this tennis serving drill also aims to improve the players serve follow- through. To start with this tennis serving drill, the player must kneel down on the baseline or on the area where players stand to serve. Players must be careful to put some cloth under their knees in case the court is rough enough or the court is too hot. The kneeling posture forces the player to add more lift to his serve. This posture also forces or encourages the player to maintain his head up position.

Since the server is more or less three feet tall when kneeling, the “across the body” follow- through is achieved instead of the “straight down” follow-through. The kneeling position forces the player to execute the right follow-through or else he will hit the ground with his racket. By doing this drill, the server will remember to do the appropriate follow even if he is not kneeling anymore by imagining that his racket will hit the ground if the “straight down” follow-through is followed.

Tennis Serving Drill #5: Cones

Serving to cones drill is one of the tennis serving drill that help tennis players develop their serve accuracy. This drill needs 6 cans (empty cans, tennis balls cans, etc) and a racket for the server. Three cans will be placed on each service box on the other side of the court. Specifically, one can is placed in the middle line on the deuce side of the court, one at the corner of the service line. The third can is placed in the middle of the service box. The same arrangement will be followed on the ad side of the court.

The server must have a bucket of tennis balls near him for easy access as the tennis serving drill progresses. The server must hit each target fifteen times. Miss hits should not be included in the counting. The server can also change the position of the cans or the targets. If he wants to serve wide, the ball can be placed at the corner of the sideline and the service line. The same can be done on the ad side of the court.

Tennis Serving Drill #6: Make your serve unreadable

This tennis serving drill helps to develop the player’s serving technique so that his opponent finds it hard to anticipate or read the type of serve he is going to hit. In this tennis serving drill, the server needs a partner. The partner acts as the opponent who makes a guess every time the server tosses the ball. Before the server makes contact with the ball, the partner tries to read the serve and shouts the type of serve. The server on one hand should not cheat and execute the type of serve in his mind even if the partner is able to read it. The ultimate goal of this drill is for the player to execute similar ball toss regardless on the type of serve he executes.

Tennis Serving Drill #7: Ball quashing

Serving drills

This is one of the tennis serving drill that every tennis player, especially beginners and intermediate players should do to improve the power of their serve. The strength of the player’s wrist plays an important factor on the power produced during serve.

The more power you produce on your wrist when you whip your racket during the point of contact, the more powerful is your serve. Thus, it is vital that you should have a strong wrist and this can be achieved by regular execution of the ball quashing tennis serving drill.

This tennis serving drill, together with the other tennis serving drills will surely make your tennis serve as one of your most powerful tools in tennis.

In this tennis serve drill, you don’t need a racket, a tennis court or other equipments. All you need is a handful of tennis balls. You just simply get hold of one tennis ball in your right hand (if you are right-handed) and try to squash the ball with force then release it and then repeat the process many times.

Do this tennis serving drill regularly to develop the strength of your wrist.

Tennis Serving Drill #8: The Hula Hoops

The goal of this tennis drill is to improve your tennis serve accuracy and consistency. To complete this drill, you need several hula hoops, a bucket of balls and a racket. Place as many hula hoops as you can in the two service boxes at the opposite side of the court. Then start serving from the deuce side of the court and make sure that you always hit your serve inside the hula hoop. Before you start your serve, you have to decide first which hula hoop to hit and execute 5 consecutive good serves.

A good serve is when you hit the area inside the hula hoop. If you miss one serve before you reach the five points, you have to repeat the process for that particular hula hoop. Hit all the hula hoops on one service box then do the drill on the ad side of the court. So if you want to improve the accuracy and consistency of you tennis serve, perform this drill regularly. You can also perform this drill together with the other tennis serving drills.

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