Tennis Fitness Training Exercises

Being an athlete requires many physical requirements, such as aerobics fitness, strength, good co-ordination, good flexibility and good mental ability.

Tennis has common tennis fitness training aspects that must be kept in mind before you start tennis fitness exercises

  • You must perform some short burst exercises before the start of play. ex. jumping, swinging or moving your arms freely, all this is called warming up.
  • You should take a mild jog forwards and backwards in order to warm your body.
  • You must take a short recovery between each scoring point.
  • You must take adequate rest during rallies because once the rally stops in a tennis match, you must not lose concentration.

Once you perform this, the blood circulation in your body will now be in proper order and your body will be warmed up. Currently there are several tennis fitness exercises, these exercises will improve the strength and power of your body, while at same time these exercises can abate the chances of injuries. Some of the most common tennis fitness exercises are:

1. Lateral Band walk with External Rotation

For this tennis fitness training, You just place a mini band (sports band) around your ankle and hold a piece of Thira-Band palms up. Keep your elbows at a side while rotating your arms externally creating a moment (tension) through Thira-band. Maintaining this position, you step a head while keeping your feet straight in an athletic way. You have to repeat two sets of this exercise of about 10-15 yard moving in both directions.

2. Single leg balance with External Rotation

In this tennis fitness training, you have to balance your body on your one foot while standing on a foam pad. With opposite arm, perform the full external shoulder rotation in 90/90 position with a piece of given tubing. You must focus on stabilization of your moving shoulder with scapular muscles and in order to get the great outcome, you have to perform at least 15 sets of this exercise.

3. Bench Split Squats

In this tennis fitness exercise, you place your one foot on the top of the bench or given physioball, while your other foot must be forward in the split squat position. Now, with the weight of your body or the dumbbells in the hand, squat your body down on one leg. The weight of your body must be on your heels, shoulders back, chest up, and abdominals. The key in this tennis fitness exercise is to maintain a perfect position through the spine and throughout the movement. You must have to perform three sets of 10 reps for each leg.

4. Rotation Cable Rows

In this tennis fitness exercise, you have to load your hip close to the machine (use for exercise) by squatting down in an athletic position. Once you maintain this perfect position with your chest up and your abdominal muscles engaged, you don’t have to take much stress because everything will be easier for you. Now, allow your body to just coil up with your arm crossing over towards the exercise machine. From this loaded position, you start the rotational movement by simply pushing through the ground with your foot, hip, abdominal muscles, and by keeping your body close the exercise machine. Now you just continue with your foot, hip, abdominal, and your opposite shoulder as you transfer yourself into the standing position. Perform at least three sets of this tennis fitness exercise of 8 reps in each direction.

5. Split Stance Curl-to-Press

In this tennis fitness exercise as it is obvious from the name to this exercise you have to stand in the split stand position with your one foot on the bench, and your down leg pushed up onto your toe while squeezing your glutens. Now maintain your perfect position with the head tall, your shoulders back and down, and the abdominals engaged throughout the lift. While you are in this position, you can perform a dumbbell curl and then press the weight overhead. Perform three sets of 10 reps of this tennis fitness exercise and make sure to switch the lead leg every set.

6. 1 Arm 1 Leg Cable Row

In this tennis fitness exercise, you have to perform the single leg squat position. In this you have to reach for the cable in front of you with the opposite hand as your other leg extends back behind you. Now you maintain the perfect posture of your abdominal engaged and keeping your spine straight. As you just shift up from the single leg squat to a standing position, just pull the cable toward your side in a rowing mode with moving your shoulders back and down motion. At the same time, your extended knee and your hip will move forward into the ending position. You perform at least two sets of 10 reps on each side of the standing position.

These are some of the tennis fitness exercises, which are helpful to improve your tennis fitness skills. Incorporating these tennis fitness exercises will make you strong and help you to increase your stamina.

Muscles Building Exercises:

Muscle building is a crucial element of the fitness for the tennis players because this game requires intense stamina, power, strength, and aerobics. This entire thing just comes with a lot of hard work and time. As I told earlier, a tennis player must be strong enough to hit powerful shots. For such strokes to be played, a player must have tough muscles. In Muscular exercises pushups, up lifts, back lifts, biceps, and triceps and fore hand exercises are the most common exercises recommended to most tennis players for the tennis fitness. All these exercises need a lot of work out.

Quickness and Speed exercises:

Speed and quickness are vital for almost every sport because if a player is quick and active, then he or she will be able to respond quickly, giving no room to his or her opponent to take over. For quickness and speed, it requires a lot of practice so every player has to practice. To obtain speed, a player must play more and more. By this, a player can build stamina. Once he or she can retain stamina for long time, the player can respond well and speedily. For the quickness, a tennis player has to practice playing more shots in less time as well as managing the timing of the shots so that he or she will be able to compete against anybody. Timing, quickness and speed is required to be successful in tennis.

Interval Exercises:

A rally exercise is one of the important exercises in tennis. A tennis player must perform a rally for a number of times during the game. A rally is basically the breaks of small intervals of 10-25 seconds every time a player makes a score (point). By taking this break, a player is able to refresh himself, even such breaks are helpful for the player to be mentally relaxed. Hence this exercise is a very helpful for fitness of the player.

Stamina building exercises:

For tennis fitness, stamina plays a key role because stamina is the basic necessity of this sport. For stamina building, it’s usually recommended to be jogging daily, which is a great cardio workout. By jogging, a person becomes able to gain stamina, and he even gets rid from many of the muscle problems. Jogging is also recommended by the doctors to people for their medical fitness. Similarly, jogging is recommended to a tennis player for stamina and power gaining purposes. Even yoga exercises are also recommended by many renowned couches for the tennis players. Tennis fitness is very important for a tennis player. Jogging as well as running helps the player to build his muscles. On the other hand, jogging increases the metabolism of the body, which removes excessive fat from your body.

Benefit of Tennis Fitness Training

These mentioned tennis fitness training must be performed on the regular basis by a tennis player. Key of success of every professional player is the fitness and the techniques he or she learns during the game and routine. Even if a player is not well skilled but he or she is physically fit, then he or she can perform well in the game. Basically, tennis is an athletic game, so the fitness requirement becomes mandatory for this sport. Tennis fitness is the need of every player, hence in order to become a professional tennis player, you must be physically and mentally fit. Meanwhile you must be familiar with proper tennis techniques. Physical and mental fitness is a mixture of strength, power, quickness and stamina.

In order to be a better tennis player, you have to utilize your tennis fitness and tennis skills together to cope with the possibility of a long competitive tennis match. While doing such fitness exercises, you are able to strengthen your body, and at the same time you are able to grow your stamina. To play this sport, you have to grow your explosive power. Your explosive power improves both by weight training exercises and leg muscular exercises. You must remember to work within your own limits because overtraining in a workout will lead you towards serious injury. You must aim to spend at least 1-3 days in a week for such exercises, or you can also perform these exercises on the daily basis by just spending an hour.

Tennis players are also able to get a clear overview of tennis fitness exercises by consulting different pictures and videos online. By surfing online, you are able to get a clearer view and knowledge about tennis fitness exercises. You can also consult different couches and sport clubs to improve your tennis fitness. You need to get a proper plan to become fit.

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