Tennis Drills for Beginners – Learn to Play Tennis with these Tennis Beginner Drills

Tennis is a very popular game not to grown up people but also to kids. Generally the best way to learn tennis is to start while you are still young. But if you are not, you don’t have to worry because you still have a chance to learn to play tennis and here are some tennis drills for beginners that you need to do

“Around a Circle” Tennis Drill for Beginners

This tennis drill for beginners with more than three students but not less than three. To start with this tennis drill, the students position themselves around the coach in a circle. If the group consists of students with different skill levels, the students with better skills stand father from the tutor while the student with lesser skill stand near the tutor. This tennis drill for beginners starts with a gentle hit of the ball by the tutor into one of the students. The student must hit the ball back to the tutor but he has to hit the ball only after the ball bounces from the floor. Then the tutor hits the ball back again and this time he randomly hit the ball to the different students present.

This will also allow the players to practice their correct communication so as to whom to hit the ball. This drill will also allow them to practice how to cover the court so as to avoid the opponent attacking them. The coach should also tell the players to avoid all the time to stand still while the ball is in play.

One way to make this tennis drill for beginners a challenging one for the students is to let them sit down (meaning they are out of the drill) if they fail to hit the ball in front of the tutor. The last one standing is the winner.

“Bouncing Ball” Tennis Drill for Beginners

This tennis drill for beginners requires more than four students in a team. So if there are only four students, two teams can be formed, if there are 6 students, 3 teams can be formed and so on. However, if there are many students, to minimize the number of teams, one team can have more than two members. Like for example if there are ten students, two teams can be formed with 5 members in each team.

All the teams should position themselves in the baseline in a vertical line perpendicular to the net. The coach marks a point near the net in front of the teams. This point is the point where each student has to turn around when they reach it.

This tennis drill for beginners starts with the first player of each team. Each player has to continuously bounce the ball (as in basketball but with the use of the tennis racket). While bouncing the ball, he or she moves forwards to reach the mark. Once he or she reaches the mark, the student turn around the mark and go back to his or her teammate doing the same thing (bouncing the ball). Once he any of his foot touches the baseline, the nest players continues and do the ball bouncing tennis drill for beginners all the way. If one of the players loses control of the ball he has to go back to the starting line and do the process again. The first team that finishes first is the winners.

Crosscourt Tennis drill

The “Counting the Crosscourt Shots” tennis drill for beginners can also be performed by advanced students. Only one student is needed to perform this tennis drill for beginners. This drill for beginners can simply be done by having a coach feed to the student’s forehand and backhand side. The student must hit everything crosscourt. The coach will count how many balls the student can keep inside the crosscourt section of the court without missing.

As the student learns to play better tennis, the amount of successful crosscourt shots without missing should increase. The crosscourt shot is the main shot every good tennis player has in their arsenal

Follow What I Say Tennis Drill for Beginners

This tennis drill for beginners is important for the beginners to build up and improve their different strokes (backhand and forehand) techniques. This tennis drill for beginners can be performed by regardless of the number of students.

The students line up horizontally along the service line and the coach is in the other side of the court. He then feeds the ball to each of the students and at the same time telling them to hit either a volley or a groundstroke. This drill also build up the student quickness to react to what the tutor tells them to perform. This tennis drill can be done with any number of students.

Simple Serving Tennis Drill for Beginners

This tennis drill for beginners is executed to improve or build the student’s serving skill. It can be done by one student alone but the student needs balls. The tutor makes a circle shape (1 meter radius) on the opposite service box while the student stands on service line ready to serve. The student must try to hit the circle drawn by the tutor. If the ball hits outside the circle it is considered a fault. If there are other students present, the tutor can also do this as competition, the students are given 10 tries to hit the circle and whoever get the highest score wins.

Mini Tennis Drill for Beginners

This tennis drill for beginners can be performed with 2 or 4 students and this can be played as single mini tennis match (two student are needed) and the double mini tennis match (4 students are needed).

In this tennis drill for beginners, the first mini tennis match to be played or performed is single match. The two students can play just like the actual tennis game but all balls should land only in the service box or else a point is given to the opponent. Double match can also be played but again, instead of using the double match line, only the service box is used as boundaries.

This drill starts with one player on either team feeding a ball to the other team and making sure that the ball lands in the service box. After the first feed lands in the service box, the players can start the drill and they can hit the ball either in the air with a volley or on the bounce but making sure it lands in the service box. Players can then hit volleys, short slices or topspin to play out the point.

Hand and Eye Coordination Tennis Drill for Beginners

Two people stand across from each other, one on the end of the service box and one on the baseline. First you start just throwing the ball to your partner, letting it bounce once on the ground before your partner catches the ball.

Next, let your partner throw the ball to you and hit it softly with your racket, back to your partner. Your partner must catch the ball. Repeat 5 times. Then you can throw the ball to your partner and they hit it 5 times. After that, just try to hit it back and forth, letting it bounce once on the ground.

Hit and Run Tennis Drill for Beginners

This tennis drill for beginners is can be done with more than one students but the drill itself should be done at one student at a time. This tennis drill for beginners is very important to build up the student agility and quickness.

The student has to be positioned in the center part of the line in the service line while the tutor stands on the other side of the court. To start this tennis drill for beginners the tutor feed a ball to the far side of the court and the student runs to hit the ball and then recovers back to the center returning to his original position. The tutor continuously feeds the ball but the next ball should land on the other far side of the court and the student has to run and hit the ball and recover to his original position. This drill for beginners can be beneficial to teach player’s the importance of recovering and preparing for the next shot.

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