Tennis Doubles Drills – Improve the tennis volley with these doubles tennis drills

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Who is going to hit the ball drill?

This tennis doubles drill starts with the coach setting up the two teams in a normal doubles formation. The coach then feeds the ball into each court at different points in the court. In this drill, the two players in a team (partners) are able to practice which ball to hit, or who is going to hit a certain ball if it hit in a particular point in the court.

This will also allow the players to practice their correct communication so as to whom to hit the ball. This drill will also allow them to practice how to cover the court so as to avoid the opponent attacking them. The coach should also tell the players to avoid all the time to stand still while the ball is in play.

Two-Players Tennis Doubles drill

This tennis doubles drill is best to do with only two players involved and a coach of course. This drill starts with one player serving and after serving he goes to the net while the other player stays behind. the coach then return a cross court ball to the second player and the second player does cross court return to the coach and the coach return the ball to the first player (the one who did the serve) and the does a volley. This allows the first player to practice serve and volley and at the same time it allows the second player to practice cross court. The drill can continue and after several serves both players can exchange position wherein second player practice the serve and volley while the first player practice the cross court returns.

Baseline Tennis Doubles drill

This tennis doubles drill helps players learn the transition from playing at the baseline to playing in the net. Having both players positioned at the net is one of the best tennis double strategies to win a point because the net is well covered if two players are positioned in the net.

This drill requires four players with two players on each team positioned at the baseline of the court. This drill starts with the first player on either of the two teams hitting a crosscourt groundstroke. The point is then played out until one player lands the ball short near the service line. The second team who is originally positioned in the baseline then moves towards the net to hit an approach shot after the ball bounces in their court. They will then follow up with either a volley or a finishing shot.

This drill can be repeated several times and then both teams exchange positions. In order to make this tennis doubles drill interesting, the two teams can simulate match play where a point is given every time a team misses a hit.

Net Play drill

This tennis doubles drill is an important drill to develop the players’ reflexes which are very important when playing a tennis doubles match. This drill is also very important for the players to practice hitting volleys in a row which is also common in tennis double matches.

We will call the two teams here as team A and team B. In this tennis doubles drill, each member of the team is positioned at a distance of 10 feet away from the net. The first player of team A then hits a volley towards their opponent’s court and then the drill begins. To complete the drill, both teams must hit at least three volleys each and then they can do begin playing out the point.

If a mistake is made before each team hits three volleys, the drill should be repeated. The players have two choices in this drill to make it interesting. They can either make this drill like a competition by counting the score every time a team makes an error, or they can just continue the drill without counting the score.

2 up vs 2 Back drill

This tennis doubles drill is very important to develop the players’ groundstroke and volleys techniques when playing double matches in tennis. As usual, this tennis doubles drill needs two players in each team (team A and team B). Both players on team A position themselves in the baseline, while the players on the other team position themselves in the net.

The doubles drill starts when one player in either team feeds the ball in play and the drill begins. Again, the players can make this drill interesting by counting score. They can play up to ten and after one team scores ten points, both teams can exchange position. The team that was positioned in the baseline will be positioned in the net, and the team that was in the net will be positioned in the baseline.

Short Court Two vs Two Tennis Doubles drill

This tennis doubles drill is also very important to develop the players control of the ball. This drill needs four players (team A and team B). Both teams are positioned in the service line. This drill starts with the ball hitting the service box and ends with the ball still hitting the service line. This means that all the players in both teams should always hit the ball inside the service box. Anything that lands outside the four service boxes is considered “Out.”

This drill starts with one player on either team feeding a ball to the other team and making sure that the ball lands in the service box. After the first feed lands in the service box, the players can start the drill and they can hit the ball either in the air with a volley or on the bounce but making sure it lands in the service box. Players can then hit volleys, short slices or topspin to play out the point.

If a player hits a ball outside the service box, it is a score to the other team. It is advisable to finish this drill when each team has a chance to win. If a team could not win, it is a good idea to switch partners to allow a least skilled team to be paired with more skillful players. In this case, the least skilled player will be able to improve.

8 Player Tennis Doubles drill

This tennis doubles drill needs eight players. This is very important for the development of each player’s movement, coordination and communication. There will be four teams (team A, team B, team C and team D) to be formed out of the eight players involved in this drill.

Team A is be positioned in the right half of the court, team B will be positioned in the left half of the court, team C is directly opposite team A in the opposite court while team D is directly in front of team B in the opposite court. This means that team A is diagonally positioned against team D and team B is diagonally positioned against team B. Team A and team D play against each other while team B and team C plays against each other. If possible, the drill should continue until all teams can execute this drill properly.

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