Tennis Confidence – The Essential Ingredient for Mental Tennis Training

A player cannot achieve being a pro without the needed tennis confidence in his game. Developing tennis confidence is a journey as you go through a phase in your sport. Being too technical is actually not the biggest factor in developing your tennis confidence. It is your attitude and perspective on how you play the tennis match.

Building Tennis Confidence

Whether you are a novice or a pro, it really takes time to build up tennis confidence. Start off with simple ways to develop it. Some may be common sense yet hard to apply. Some can challenge your perspective and impose in you attitude that can actually help you not just in tennis but in life as well. What is more important is that you are willing to learn to build your tennis confidence and you have an open mind to make learning more fruitful and easy.

Tennis Confidence Starts in the Mind

In every match, mental tennis training plays a role in confidence. Players that possess a strong tennis confidence usually gains an immediate edge over his or her opponents. But let’s discuss mental tennis training part that goes inside your own mind.

The mistakes that you make can be greatly affected by your confidence in tennis. First off, learn to accept your mistake and let go to improve. This advice in building tennis confidence is actually applicable to our everyday life as well. Learning to accept your mistake takes a big effort for most of us. In tennis, as you practice throughout, you see your mistakes in your shots, in your stance, or in how you hold your racket. Sometimes, it takes another person to point out these mistakes. But what do you do when you find out about it?

Learning Tennis Confidence Through Mistake Management

Do you do something to improve or avoid that same mistake? If none, then you are not learning at all. You did not acknowledge that mistake if you are not doing anything about it. When you accept that mistake, you have to understand how it affects your game. Analyze the proper way in executing or correcting that mistake. Letting go of that mistake is when you finally avoid repeating that same error.

Being aware of your errors and knowing how to correct it can boost your confidence as you play your game. It gives you control as you play. Having that sense of control makes you believe that you can actually win the game.

Developing Tennis Confidence

Delopment of tennis confidence

Next, set challenging yet realistic goals. Never set a goal where you know initially that it is almost next to impossible to attain. You need to make a goal that you can work on. Something that is at par to your level of play.

It may be conservative yet it should be challenging. Plot a schedule or a timetable in reaching that goal. As you progress, increase the standard of your game. This way, you level up your skills as you continue to play.

To develop that tennis confidence, you need to set certain parameters or specific goals that has to be achieved in a definite time. This is your gauge in measuring how much you have improved.

As you continue to set your goal, your confidence develops as you become aware the level of play that you can execute. It is that awareness that contributes to the improvement of your tennis confidence.

Refining your Tennis Confidence Skills

Practice often. The more you become adept to the game, the higher your tennis confidence gets. Practice daily to continuously hone your skills. It does not have to be in a match. It can be an individual game using a backboard or a practice wall or a ball machine. If you play with another player, set a specific match. You have to be clear to each other how you want the game to be played, on what drill to focus on and how do you divide the time to spend on specific drills that you want to work on.

It is only in practice that you develop the natural flow of the game in you, from your swing to the way you hit the ball. This is can greatly affect your tennis confidence once everything comes naturally in you. Once you play in an actual match, your swing, your stance and your hit should all flow naturally to keep your confidence in check. This as well contributes to the concept that you can control your game. And as mentioned earlier, the more you control your game the higher your tennis confidence gets.

Mental Tennis Training on Confidence

Practice on your visual contact with the tennis ball daily. This way it enhances your focus whether you are stationary or moving. For you to be able to properly hit the ball, you have to set your eyes on it. Otherwise, you will either miss the ball or worst it will be off-course. Focusing on the ball while moving will definitely be a challenge on your eyes to focus well on the ball. There are a lot of exercises to help train your eyes to focus on one thing with you moving. Make this part of your exercise so you get to develop a natural focus on the ball. That way, when you are on the game itself, your confidence will level up more as you are familiar where the ball is and you get to see where it is going.

Make sure that you focus on the ball and not to your opponent. This is important as when you focus on your opponent the more likely you lose track of the ball. So it is crucial to make your focus on the ball alone. Having that kind of focus can make you play more effectively.

Calming the Mind to Enhance Tennis Confidence

Develop your mental stability. Learn how to process your emotions and channel it appropriately before, during and after a game. Even during practice, you have to cultivate that mental stability to put your emotions at bay. Sometimes as you play whether on a game or during practice, you get too emotional. You get exasperated, frustrated, overwhelmed or plainly sad. Usually these emotions manifest when you missed a shot or probably executed an incorrect swing or hit the off the court. Don’t get too worked up with it. What matter is you are aware.

What you do about it is the more vital part. If your emotions are stable, your confidence will not waver regardless of such incident. It’s a matter on how you perceive the outcome of your game or a certain situation. How you react can actually be manipulated by you.

Tennis Confidence Exercises and Routines

You can do deep breaths to lessen your frustration, as frustration can lead to a lack of tennis confidence. Don’t channel your frustrations or sometimes anger on the ball or on how you swing. If you do this, your play will become so bad that at times you will lose in the end. Tennis confidence can be nurtured if you keep these negative emotions at bay. Never let the emotions dictate how your play will end.

Creating Consistency Towards Confidence in Tennis

Try to be consistent as much as possible. This applies to your swing, your focus and your emotions. When you keep all of these three in check, the more likely your tennis confidence will stay at a high level. However, during play whenever you are doing a return shot, you are sometimes placed in a difficult position where it would be hard to regain the previous position. That is okay.

Being consistent does not necessarily mean being in the same stance, doing the same shot and giving the right amount of power to the ball. You are more consistent if you do not panic right away and instead calmly try to see what other possible stance you can execute so you can hit the ball effectively. Rushing to hit the ball without working out a position to manage your play is not being consistent. Not only will it make your play bad, it will affect your confidence level as well. It gives you a feeling that you can’t control your game.

Final Thoughts on Tennis Confidence Building

Given the advices in developing your tennis confidence, this should harness your mental training to have that winner perspective. Tennis confidence is not something you develop overnight or on one practice only. It is a process that takes time, dedication and discipline. As long as you keep your mind open, the possibility is limitless. So, do you have what it takes to be a true tennis player, physically, emotionally and mentally?

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