Modern Tennis Forehand Technique

Tennis enthusiasts marvel every year at the stunning amount of winners Roger Federer hits on his forehand. The tennis technique of the professional tennis players is a product of their tennis forehand technique. World class tennis technique separates good tennis players from the best, and its no exception at the top of the game.

What is tennis forehand technique?

Tennis technique is the way a person swings to hit the tennis ball. It consists of the swing style, the hitting style, stances and tennis footwork. It’s one of the most important areas a tennis player would want to focus on if he or she desires to improve their tennis.

Tennis forehand technique has evolved over the years, and many players have vastly different backswings and hitting styles. One thing in common in tennis technique of the pros, is that they all share basic fundamental commonalities in their forehand technique even though each player may have different backswings.

New Versus Old

Tennis forehand technique has evolved. Tennis players are now basing their tennis games around playing a powerful baseline game. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer are trademarks of the modern game of tennis. Powerful tennis forehands, with overwhelming topspin and accuracy are parts ot the echelons of the game.

The old tennis forehand techniqueTennis forehand

What are the commonalities of tennis technique?

The forehand tennis technique of top professional players have basic fundamental components that all advanced tennis players share, even though the backswing style or shape may vary slightly from one another.

The first commonality is the basic unit turn. The unit turn is the set-up of the preparation of the tennis forehand. It is where the body turns sideways away from the net as one “unit.” This means that the lower body helps initiate the preparation, and the racket is the last part to move.

The second reference point is having a deep and complete shoulder turn. Once the tennis player sees the point of the bounce, they make sure to load the hitting stance while keeping a full and complete shoulder turn on their tennis forehand technique. Whatever the swing shape or style may be, the tennis player must focus on having a complete shoulder turn, where the non dominant arm stretches across the baseline. This is key in the forehand tennis technique, having a solid turn or “loading.”

The third point is making sure to properly set up the stance and load the power in the core.

The fifth point is rotating through the shot properly and intiating the forward swing with the hips.

Andre Agassi

The sixth point in the modern tennis forehand is completing the followthrough, in some cases called the windshield wiper forehand.

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