Fitness Training For Tennis – Exercises for Mastering the Tennis Fitness Component

Fitness training for tennis has become commonplace in the modern tennis game.

Players today are now hitting the tennis ball with much more power, topspin and depth than in the past. World class tennis players today not only possess finesse, but also incredible athletic ability. Quickness, agility and explosion are just a few factors that pro players on tour possess.

When we watch players such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, it is clear that they each engage in fitness training for tennis.

This tennis training program is often done off court and separate from the on court training. The benefits of such a tennis training routine is clear in their ability to move effortlessly around the tennis court with remarkable athleticism during every single point.

Below are some fitness training for tennis exercises that you too can incorporate into your training so you can improve your quickness, speed and explosiveness on the tennis court.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise For Quickness and Speed

Fitness Training For Tennis Quickness and SpeedOne of the most important assets a tennis player should have is quickness and speed. To have these two attributes allows you to quickly react to your opponent’s attack and execute the appropriate shots. As a result, your opponent gets hard time in taking over the game. To be successful in acquiring quickness and speed, you need to perform the right training exercises and a lot of practice. Examples of exercises for speed and quickness are:

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #1: Triceps Extension with Resistance Band

– In this exercise, you don’t need to hold both ends of the resistance band. Instead, hold one end with your right hand and put our hand at the back of your head. Then put your left hand at your back and hold the hanging resistance band. Then next the step is to raise gently your right hand until it is fully extended but your left hand should be in steady position. Then go back to the initial position. Be sure to complete 10 reps of this exercise and then do another 10 reps with your left hand at the back of your head and the right hand behind your back.

Lateral Rows with Resistance Band

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #2: Lateral Rows with Resistance Band –

Before you start this tennis training for tennis exercise, you need to step (with your both feet on the midpoint of the resistance band. Then spread your legs at hip-width distance and then bend your knees. The start position of this exercise is when you hold both ends of the resistance band with your both hands with your palms facing towards your body with your elbows slightly bent. Then slowly raise your both arms upwards until they reach the shoulder level and go back to initial position. Same as the above speed and quickness exercise, 10 reps is needed to complete this exercise.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #3: Resistance Band Squats

Same as the lateral rows resistance band exercise, you need to step the resistance band with your left and right legs. With both of your hands holding each end of the resistance band, bring up your the hands until shoulder level. And while your arms are at shoulder level, start the squat position. From the squat position, return to the initial position but you with your hands should maintain the shoulder level position. Fifteen repetitions are ideal for this fitness training for tennis exercise

The objective of physical tennis training is to develop the players’ stamina, speed, agility and flexibility. The trainings should also help the players develop their racket reaction and coordination. It is also very important to teach the players on the dynamic balance between the body, ball and the racket.

The above objectives are achieved through a tennis training program that include cardiovascular exercises, weight training exercises, speed, agility and coordination drills and practices. At the end of the tennis training program, the players must improve their reaction time and move at a quicker pace. For a physical fitness tennis training program to be successful, it is important that a detailed and specific tennis training program is designed for an individual player. This is very important especially for advanced or professional players. This is the reason why each professional player has their own team of trainers.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise For Stamina Building

One of the fundamentals of fitness training for tennis is to develop stamina or the ability of the players to sustain long hours of matches. Thus, stamina building exercises should be included in any fitness training for tennis. Examples of these exercises are:

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #4: Skipping

Skipping is one of the simplest exercises for stamina building. For best results, you have to start this exercise slowly at first at regular basis. If possible, do it daily and try to slowly increase the duration of the exercise for you to develop your stamina every day.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #5: Running

Same as the skipping exercise fitness training for tennis, you can also start running at shorter duration in the beginning and try to increase the duration as you progress with your training. But remember that you have to do it at regular interval, if possible in daily basis.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #6: Swimming

Swimming for tennis fitness Swimming is another way to develop your stamina and endurance. In fact, swimming is considered as one of the best fitness training for tennis for stamina building. Thirty minutes of swimming exercise daily is good enough for you to attain the stamina you need for peak performance on court. This Fitness Training For Tennis is also good for recovery after a long tennis match or a training session.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise For Injury Recovery

Fitness training for tennis does not only include the power, speed and quickness, and stamina building exercises. It must also include exercises for injury recovery because injuries do happen even with fit tennis players.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #7: Static squeezes –

to start with this fitness training for tennis, you have to sit on the floor and stretch both of your legs. The next step is to do a full muscle contraction of your quadriceps. With your muscle at full contraction, maintain the position for 10 seconds and then release. To complete the exercise, you have to execute the exercise 15 times.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #9: Side leg raises

To execute this exercise, you have to lie down with your side. You may lie with your left side first. Bring your both legs together while you are on the floor. With your left elbow on the floor, put your left hand on your head to support your body. Then your next move is to bring up your right leg slowly. As you raise your leg, see to it that your heel lead the way and not your toes. Also make sure that your leg is always straight and try to contract your hip muscle when your leg reaches the topmost position. Lastly, you need to lower down your leg in a slow motion and avoid dropping it. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #10: Calf raises

you need a stair or anything with steps in this fitness training for tennis. All you need to do is to stand on the step and make sure that only your toes are touching the step. In another words, you have to stand with your toes with the rest of your feet suspended. Then from this position, slowly bring down your heels downward and then slowly bring yourself up again. For best results, try you bring up yourself up to the highest possible height you can. When you are at the highest point, maintain the position for several seconds, and then gradually return to the initial position (standing on your toes). Complete the exercise with 20 repetitions.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise For Muscle Building

Tennis is a game that requires fitness in aerobics, strength, explosive power and stamina. All these can’t be achieved overnight and if you want to be one of the best tennis players, you need to work extremely hard. Power is needed to hit powerful stroke and that power can be achieved if you have well toned muscles. Thus fitness training for tennis should include the muscle building training. Below are some of the muscular exercises:

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #11: Pushups

Pushups is the most common muscle building exercise. That’s because of the fact that you can execute this exercise anywhere and without the need of any equipment. This exercise helps build your chest and arm muscles. To do this exercise correctly, you need to start it from a less intense set up (less pushups) to more intense set up (more pushups). However, always remember to do the exercise regularly.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #12: Alternating dumbbell lunge

Start this exercise by producing two dumbbells, then hold them in each of your hand and position them at your side at arm’s length. Make sure both your palms are facing towards your body and your feet slightly spread. Then move your right leg in front and bend your two legs bringing your whole body down. To complete this stage of the exercise, your front knee should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Once you accomplish this, pause for several seconds and quickly go back to the original position and continue the exercise by moving your left and right legs in front alternately. Do 3 sets of 10 reps to complete this exercise.

Fitness Training For Tennis Exercise #13: Alternating dumbbell bench press

In this fitness training for tennis exercise, you need two dumbbells and a flat bench. Then lie on your back on the bench while holding the dumbbells over your chest but do not touch them with your chest. When you hold the dumbbells, make sure your palms are facing forward or towards your feet. Then push the dumbbells up and down alternately. This means that as you lower the dumbbell in your left hand; bring up the one in your right hand. Remember to hold them tightly as you continue with the exercise.

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