Beginner Tennis Drills and Games to Learn Tennis

There are innumerable best tennis drills that you can do on a tennis court.

After lots of research, we have come up with the best tennis drills available from among the many sites claiming to have them listed.

Once you try these best tennis drills and see how enjoyable they are and how much you have improved, perhaps you will agree that they are among the best tennis drills described. These best tennis drills work a variety of strokes and include a gentle pressure that will help you to focus. They also will lead to quick improvement if done correctly and routinely.

Once you tire of these best tennis drills, you can switch to other exercises that work parts of your game that need more improvement. For instance, if your serve is hard and consistent, you might not need to drill on it; better to spend some time shoring up your backhand.

Onto the best tennis drills around:

Best Tennis Drill #1: MASTER volleyer—

This is a very well-known drill to help players improve their volley. Volleying can be a tremendous weapon for any player in singles and, of course, it is absolutely necessary when playing doubles. Try this drill to improve your volleying skills. The goal of the drill is to hit certain sections of the court that represent a specific letter, adding up to the word “Master” so that you can feel like you’ve mastered this stroke.

For the purposes of having six different areas to thwack your volley to,remember that M=left service box, A=right service box, S=left half of singles court beyond the service line, T=right half of singles court beyond the service line, E=left alley (doubles), R=right alley. To do the drill, line up at the service “T”, run forward as your friend feeds you a ball, split-step, then volley to each letter’s given area in order.

If you miss an area, don’t start over, the drill will take too long. Simply continue to try to hit that area until you have spelled out M-A-S-T-E-R. Your aim will improve greatly with this drill, and your speed and agility will increase also. A key to the drill is the brief running up to the net, as you often will have to do in singles when you hit a volley. This little extra bit of movement will make the drill into a very good workout, so your conditioning is a bonus.

Best Tennis Drill #2: Alley Rally

The Alley Rally tennis drillThis one is tough to master and might take awhile, but don’t get too frustrated and give up. You will eventually be able to do this drill fairly routinely. It is dynamite for your control, and it is one of the most common and best tennis drills used. Stand within the doubles alley and try to hit 10 shots with a partner, all within the alley. If you are able to hit 10, go up to 20.

If you are able to hit more than 20 in a row in the alley, enter your nearest USTA tournament! You can do this drill with strictly forehands, strictly backhands or randomly, hitting whatever stroke comes up. You can make it more difficult by alternating sides or by going all backhand. Once you can hit 10-20 balls in a rally within this narrow area, the court will look as big as a football field to you. That will help you to not only keep the ball in, but you will also be able to place it much better as you have gained excellent control of your shots.

Best Tennis Drill #3: 20-ball Suicide

Have your friend stand at the center line at the net opposite you to feed you balls while you are at the baseline on the opposite side. Have the friend hit balls in every direction, forcing you to constantly move. For every ball that you retrieve successfully, you get a point. For every ball that you miss or cannot get to, you lose a point. Keep playing until you reach a score of 20.

That might take awhile, but your objective with the game should soon be to get to 20 in the least amount of time. All kinds of great things will occur with this drill: you will improve your footwork, your quickness and your shot-making on the run, as well as your endurance and recovery between shots. You will become exhausted during this drill, but it will help you to never run out of gas when you are playing a match.

The better your friend is able to hit corners and alternate sides, the better the drill will work you out.

Best Tennis Drill #4 : Four-ball Drill

Four-ball tennis drillHave your friend hit you a series of four shots over and over in the same order. This will work all of your strokes and prepare you to play an opponent that has good control and is trying to run you all over the court. From the net, have the friend hit the ball so that you have to hit a forehand down the line. The next shot that you have to execute is a backhand down the line.

Third, hit a forehand cross court. Finally, hit a backhand cross court. This drill will look like a drawing of the letter “X” sketched over and over again.

Once you master these four basic shots, you will be able to use them in combinations that will greatly bother your opponent. This drill will build lots of muscle memory for hitting these four basic shots, which you will call on again and again in a match.

Best Tennis Drill #5: Five Balls or Death

This drill is the best of the bunch because it focuses on a very practical skill that statistics show is key to winning most matches. Believe it or not, if you are able to hit five shots in a row in, you will win most rallies, so that is what this drill will build into you. With your partner, take turns beginning rallies that must last at least 10 shots, five from each player. Once you have each hit five shots, start a new round. Your goal is to complete 10 of these rallies. Many players use this drill as a warm-up before a match; it locks them in to what they need to do once the match starts and gives them a nice goal for each rally as they get warm. It might take awhile for you to get to 10 rallies, but once you gain greater control and confidence in your strokes, you will be able to pound out 10 such rallies in no time flat.

Five balls or death tennis drillYou might not have time to do all of these best tennis drills during your next outing with your friend or coach. However, as your skill level climbs, you should be able to work these into a one-hour time period. It is better to do drills in a concentrated way over a shorter time period than to hit for two hours and get sloppy about half way through.

The next time you take the court for a hitting session with your friend, do all of these best tennis drills that you can in the space of 45 minutes.

Then, as your fitness level increases, fill up an hour with drills but do not surpass that time limit because you will lose your intensity. In fact, a great goal would be to try to perform all of these drills within your one hour of allotted time. Drill 4, of course, can be lengthened or shortened as you wish; 5-10 minutes of such intense stroke work should be sufficient.

Once you master these best tennis drills, you will have a stronger forehand and backhand both down the line and cross court. Your volley will improve as well, in addition to court coverage and control. TO work on your serve, you need to get a big basket of balls and go out by yourself and hit. If you do that with a friend, s/he can take a turn hitting all of the serves as well.

These five best tennis drills will put you well on your way to being a fitter, more consistent player who will be tough to beat. Taking the time between matches to drill will improve your results in the matches.

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