Advanced Tennis – The Foundation for World Class Tennis

Advanced tennis requires the complete development of a tennis player’s technical, physical and mental skills to become a world class tennis player.

A tennis player can only reach advanced tennis with the proper tennis training. Each player has to consider several aspects of tennis if he or she aims to reach the highest level of tennis performance.

These include the player’s mental toughness and physical fitness. In addition, a player has to have the strategic and technical capabilities an advanced tennis player in the game of tennis.

Reaching the level of advanced tennis is a component of developing the technical, physical and mental abilities of the player. It is a product of a systematic skill development program focusing on improving each player’s skill sets in different areas needed to succeed in tennis.

The Technical Component of Advanced Tennis

A tennis player may possess all the aspects of advanced tennis mentioned above, but those assets are useless if the player does not have the right or appropriate technical abilities. When discussing the technical component of advanced tennis, the stroke mechanics and technique are essential for success.

Professional players in modern tennis have commonalities in their stroke production that allows them to produce world class tennis shots on a consistent basis. Learning proper tennis strokes are the foundation for every advanced tennis player’s game. Without the technical component firmly in place, advanced tennis will be difficult to reach.

Advanced Tennis Mechanics

Sharapova showinfg her advanced tennis skills

Are your mechanics perfect and flawless no matter how many times you execute the shot, swing, backswing, point of contact and follow-through?

To play at an advanced tennis level, your mechanics should be flawless especially when you need them most.

Advanced Tennis Footwork

Proper footwork is considered to be the backbone of advanced tennis. Accurate and powerful shots are attained only with the proper footwork. Footwork is an important element also allows you to attain good balance in every shot you make. It also allows you to recover to the best position (e.g. center baseline in case of baseline rallies) after your return. Hence, footwork mastery is essential to improve your tennis performance.

The last but the least a player should look into to develop an advanced tennis game is court positioning. If you aim to reach the advanced level of tennis, you have to have the ability to set up for shots in balance on every shot. Right positioning also means that you have to have the right type of shots based on your position.

The Strategic Component – Tennis Strategy

Tennis Strategy is another key component in advanced tennis. Part of playing world class tennis is being able to execute the right shots at the right time. An advanced tennis player should be able to think and execute the right tennis strategy whatever the circumstances are.

Shot choice

Shot choice plays a very important role in improvement and playing advanced tennis. If you want to reach an advanced tennis level, you must be able to choose the right shot at the right situation during a point.

The ability to read and anticipate your opponent’s shots enables you to prepare for the best returns. Without this skill, it would be very hard to play advanced tennis on a consistent basis.

Ability to adjust

Normally, each player has his/her game plan for each match. However, a game plan does not work all the time. To reach the level of an advanced tennis player, you should have the ability to adjust or change your game plan to counter attack your opponent’s rallies or attacks.

Your weaknesses are the number one target of your opponent in advanced tennis. Thus, for you to be able to play at the same level as them, you must be able to disguise your own weaknesses. This prevents your opponent in taking advantage of you.


To play against advanced players in tennis means you will be dealing with different types of players with different powerful weapons. To be able to keep up with their level, you have to have the versatility skills that enable you to play and win no matter what types of player your opponents will be.

The Physical Component – Tennis Fitness

Physical fitness is vital for playing advanced tennis as well as in any types of sports particularly with tennis. Thus, your physical fitness plays a vital role on your success as a tennis player and especially if you aim to reach advanced tennis.


Endurance is essential to be able to withstand long and extended matches. Being in top physical condition is a important part of advanced tennis. A good example of the importance of developing stamina is long matches like Mahut and Isner in Wimbledon 2010.


Speed is another important aspect in advanced tennis that every tennis player should possess. You need speed to return crosscourt or down the lines shots. You need speed in case your opponent surprises you with a drop shot. These are just a few examples of shots where the speed or quickness of a player is emphasized. If you have the speed to hit good and accurate shots, then don’t think twice to aim for your goal.


Your objective to move up to play advanced tennis also depends on how agile you are on court. Your agility determines your ability to execute explosive shots that can surprise your opponent. It also determines you ability to return short and long balls. Thus, to get the chance to reach to the advanced tennis level, you have to have the agility as the advanced players do.

The Mental Component of Advanced Tennis

The key to any tennis developmental program is consistency. The mental tennis component is a big part of every world class tennis player’s game. Some examples of the mental tennis game at the pro level is Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova. These two players possess exceptional mental fortitude required to play advanced tennis.

Tennis is a sport that does not only need physical strength but mental strength as well. Thus, to reach your goal to become an advanced tennis player, you have to look into the different aspects of mental tennis.


Determination is one aspect of advanced tennis that contributes to your success in tennis. You have to have the determination to win, to improve and to continue playing despite of the hindrances that surrounds you. A lack of determination, or giving up easily because of small problems won’t help you achieve your goals.

Tennis players need to be able to adapt to pressure situations. This means your ability to stay focus and keep calm despite of the pressures on court or outside the court. To get to the advanced level of tennis, you have to handle any type of pressure to win matches or else you’ll remain where you are. To be able to handle pressure in big games is another part of advanced tennis.

Self-confidence means you believe on your capabilities in winning matches. In advanced tennis matches, you have all the opportunity to play against the players who are better than you. If you don’t have the confidence that you can beat them, then you don’t have a chance to grow.


A tennis player has to set his priorities to move up to a higher level of tennis and play advanced tennis. Professional players set tennis as their priority. Despite their acquired skills, they still spend a lot of time practicing to improve their performance. This is because they prioritize tennis. Success can only be achieved if you know what your priorities are, and the same goes with tennis.

Emotional control

In order to develop an advanced tennis game, a player must control their emotions and nerves before, during and even after each match. Extreme emotions can ruin every player’s concentration and performance. Thus to become a great player, you have to learn how to control your emotions all the time.

Tennis is a sport that needs total concentration. One lapse of your concentration can result to a disastrous defeat. In order to reach an advanced tennis level, you have to be focused throughout the match. An advanced tennis requirement is about being able to cope with defeats and use them as a learning experience rather than consider them as obstacles. To become an advanced tennis player, you have to learn to accept defeats and make them as an inspiration for improving your future performance.

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